The Chapel

Then & Now

When we bought this renaissance building in 2017, we were excited for the new adventure of restoring this historic building into the beautiful event space that it is today.  Our dream was to have a space that we could be proud of, to have our daughters get married in. 

This building is wrapped in rich history, which excited us as we love the history of this beautiful town of Lexington. Even the benches are original to the building as they were built in the early 1900s! We began work almost immediately to make this "diamond in the rough" into something spectacular. 


Our dream came true on July 27th, 2019 when our daughter had her wedding celebration surrounded by our family and friends.

We truly hope that you find our baby beautiful as well, and can also have your dreams come true! We are very excited to work with you!


           Cheri & Bill Havrish